Ji - Bridge set for standard koto.

Ai-ai ji - A very useful tool for situations where two adjacent strings are of incompatible tension.

Hibari ji - Bridge has five different levels so it's extremely useful in many tuning situations. Each level is below the string's entry point on the ji, so string cannot fall off, even during strenuous playing. Great for reaching lower notes on the koto's first string.

Brocade ji case - An attractive and compact way to store your bridges. Pretty enough to also be used as an evening purse.

Tsume basami - Cute little colourful clip to hold a set of three tsume together.

Koto case, standard

Koto case, deluxe

Ito - Koto strings for standard koto. Available in 17.5 and 18 ga. standard and 17.5 deluxe.

Kuchimae cover & ogire - Brocade koto head cover, comes with spare brocade fabric used at foot end of koto to protect the instrument where the strings come over the end of the koto.

Rissoudai A-frame style - Used when playing koto seated in a chair. Pair of stands lock into position; one stand is slightly taller to be used at playing end of koto. Comes with carrying case.

Hira-joshi pitch pipe - A handy tool for tuning your koto.

Sayōhime - A silencer to help dampen the sound of the koto.

Torii-dai - Head stand used to support koto when playing koto in seiza/on the floor.

Tsume-bako - Lovely brocade hinged box to keep your picks in. Small and large sizes available.

Ikuta-style tsume - Available in bone or plastic.

Yamada-style tsume - Available in bone

White wa - Bands for making your tsume.

Black lacquered wa - Bands for making your tsume.

Adjustable tsume set - Velcro closure allows for adjustable fit.

Yutan - Fabric "sleeve" to protect the surface of your koto inside the outer case.

Fuhon case - Attractive brocade sheet music case. Removeable plastic outer cover helps protect the fabric. Also makes a beautiful evening bag.

Deluxe fumendai - Beautiful, lightweight kiri (paulownia) music stand with decorative carving on the legs. For use when playing koto in seiza/on the floor. Also makes a lovely lectern or book stand. Legs come off so it can be packed flat.

Screw-style itoshimeki - Tool for stringing koto.

Cleaning cloth - soft velvet-like cloth is perfect for cleaning your instruments and accessories.