Nagauta bachi case (snap)

Jiuta bachi case (zipper)

Bachi - jiuta, nagauta, Tsugaru styles.

Dō bag (paper)

Dō gomu

Dō ita

Dō kake - jiuta, nagauta styles.

Hiza gomu - various styles and shapes.

Koma - jiuta, nagauta, Tsugaru styles, various materials.


Shamisen soft case (instrument not included)

Tsugaru shamisen hard short case - holds disassembled Tsugaru shamisen.
Perfect for plane travel or for storage where space is at a premium.

Shamisen hard case

Strings - jiuta, nagauta, Tsugaru styles, standard and deluxe, various gauges.


Fuhon case - Attractive brocade sheet music case. Removeable plastic outer cover helps protect the fabric. Also makes a beautiful evening bag.

Deluxe fumendai - Beautiful, lightweight kiri (paulownia) music stand with decorative carving on the legs. For use when playing koto in seiza/on the floor. Also makes a lovely lectern or book stand. Legs come off so it can be packed flat.

Hōgaku pitch pipe