Chords Canada was founded by Linda Caplan. Caplan has over two decades of expertise as a performer, teacher and importer of Japanese koto, shamisen, and their related accessories. In addition to her musical experience, Caplan has also run a highly-respected and successful industrial distribution business for almost thirty years.

In 2003, she began thinking about diversifying her distribution company's product line. While considering what else might be appealing to both the company and to customers, Caplan noted that, for a number of years, people from around the globe have been contacting her via email to ask for advice on sourcing Japanese musical instruments and accessories, on determining the correct type of product to purchase, etc. Knowing from her own experience that the traditional Japanese musical instrument market is a specialty one (and not very well served outside of Japan), Caplan decided that merging the excellent customer service skills of her existing staff with her own love of and expertise in the Japanese music field would be a perfect fit. The result is Chords Canada.

Chords aims to make it a pleasant and easy task for people outside Japan to find the traditional Japanese musical products they're looking for.